The Hvergelmir-cooperation

The cooperation for Blockchain usage, token engineering and token economy

Hvergelmir is an informal interdisciplinary cooperation of specialists from various professional groups and projects with the common aim of enabling sustainable and secure use of blockchain technologies and Web3: we develop, advise, teach and research. For research, simulation and emulation, we use free tools such as Python, Javascript and C++, but also proprietary software such as Wolfram Mathematica. Our Token Engineering is based on Solidity, which can be used on EVM compatible chains. You can reach out to us via the Contact-Form.

Our services

Education and Learning

When dealing with "Cryptos" one has to be aware of some stumbling blocks. We guide you or your company step by step into the world of Web3. Be it in the context of online conferences or in personam: We will show you how to use "Cryptos" and decentralized applications and introduce you to relevant tools. The education is tailored to your needs: You ask the questions, we provide the answers and explanations!

As a introduction we recommend our article

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Technical Consulting

You want to know whether and how Web3 technologies can be used for you and your company? You already have an idea that needs to be fleshed out? We accompany you on the way and ensure a fast and safe progression. We probe your ideas to check if and how they can find place in the Web3 or work out possible options.

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Research and Development

You and your company want to enter the Web3 with your own project and already have clear ideas about your own token or decentralized application? We help with the implementation!

We use our free resources to optimize and expand our tool set: we develop new methods and formalisms, implement the resulting tokenization concepts and investigate further possibilities resulting how to use Web3 technologies. An overview of completed work can be found in our articles on Theoretical Token Engineering and our articles on Practical Token Engineering:

If you have any questions or are interested, fell free to reach out to us via the contact form.

Team 3

  1. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.rer.nat. Rudolf Golubich, BSc has a background in physics and is the founder of the Hvergelmir Cooperation and offers also service in data science, statistics and data engineering. Within the cooperation, he serves as a generalist and Token Engineer and is responsible for the analysis and development of protocols that go beyond the standard.

    • Member since Sep 11th 2022

    Alexander Schmid completed the college for graphic and communication design at the Graphische in Vienna, has since worked as a freelance graphic designer in Baden near Vienna and is studying economics and social sciences at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna. His responsibility at Hvergelmir is in the field of visual communication, his goal is a clear and lively appearance of the network to the outside world.

    • Member since Sep 14th 2022

    Mag. Dr. Christian Reinhardt is a lawyer with many years of experience in tax consulting and bank auditing. His interest in macroeconomics and economic philosophy helps Hvergelmir to keep in mind the wider implications and effects of ongoing developments.